The Turkish Angora

His character :

The Turkish Angora is a lively, intelligent, very playful, and incredibly affectionate cat.
Very attached to his masters, he’s very sensitive and sticks to them like glue – so much he’s often nicknamed the “dog-cat”.
Don’t count on him to decorate the couch ! He’ll follow you through the whole house. You’re working at your desk ? He’ll lie down on your papers or on your keyboard. You’re cooking or washing the dishes ? He’ll want to climb up your shoulders. You’re taking a shower ? He’ll sit down on the edge of the tub. You’re relaxing in your armchair ? He’ll snuggle onto your knees…

He’s also a chatterbox, who will answer with a modulated cooing when you talk to him.
He’s a sociable and adaptable cat. After a gentle introduction, he will happily live together with dogs and another animals.


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Estoc Ionesco and his new friend Isy Félie

His look :

In France, LOOF fixes the morphologic criteria for each breed – which are known as “standards”. In shows, cats are judged according to their compliance with standards.
A long and thin, “oriental” body, an ethereal and feline walk, a silky medium length coat, high and proud ears, a magnificent ruff and a plumed tail, the Turkish Angora is an embodiment of elegance. His beautiful white or coloured coat needs little care as there is no undercoat.


The LOOF pedigree : A guarantee of the purebred status :

It is a document generated by the LOOF (Livre Officiel de Origines Félines – Official Feline Origins Stud book), which is the only authorized feline genealogy organisation in France.
Only a kitten born from parents sharing a similar breed pedigree can claim for one.
It is the breeder who, in the first months after the kitten’s birth, goes through the administrative procedures leading to his LOOF registration as a purebred, and hence to the issue of a pedigree.
Indeed a cat has to own a pedigree to be considered purebred. Without a LOOF registration – without a pedigree -, he will be considered as a “stray cat”, even if his parents are pedigreed.

The pedigree guarantees the cat’s health, behaviour, and morphologic appearance. It is the breeders’ work to select studs that have all required qualities to give birth to healthy, beautiful kittens, matching the breed’s standards, balanced and affectionate. In the case of the Turkish Angora, this selection has been going on for centuries. A pedigree traces this process and genealogy.


 French LOOF pedigree (specimen, LOOF site)