♦ The kittens are available for adoption at the age of three months, as this is the time they need to be fully weaned, socialized, balanced, and educated by their mummy-cat.


♦ In the course of these three months, they will have been wormed, vaccinated (prime + booster) against typhus, coryza (+ leucosis + rabies, if required) and identified with a microchip.


♦ They leave our home with a certificate of good health delivered by a vet, and with a LOOF pedigree.


♦ Prior to the adoption, I hand on a kitten’s adoption booklet containing necessary information about the kitten’s installation in his new home (transport, meals, games, resting, food, hygiene, veterinary follow-up, domestic dangers, administrative paperwork…).




♦ My cats and kittens are mainly fed with grain-free dry food – Amikinos Référence Chat ; Orijen Fit & Trim Poulet Dinde ; Thrive Poulet ; and wet food Animonda Carny ; Feringa.


This food is regularly tested by an independant laboratory, and contains neither cereals nor mycotoxins – or any other poison which often cause digestive disturbance, growth difficulties and chain imbalances harmful to our cats’ health.

It is indeed more expensive than supermarket or petshop food – which must be banned !, but Amikinos, Orijen and Thrive food can be found at the same price as “veterinary” dry food – which also contains dubious ingredients – and it will save you litter costs (easier to digest, so less waste and smells, and no diarrhea) and vet care (preserving your kitten’s health).


♦ I also regularly feed my cats and kittens with raw food (raw feeding) – strict carnivores’ physiological food, and they are crazy about it !