The Cattery

The cats live freely with us in the house. They have access to all the rooms. They are baskets and cat trees on every floor, but they prefer to sleep on our pillows or on the children’s quilt.

The kittens are raised within our family. The mummy-cats give birth in our room, where the babies spend their first weeks. I manipulate them from the day they are born. After one month they have access to a whole floor of the house and meet the other cats. When they have been vaccinated for the first time (at 2 months), they have access to the whole house (under surveillance). They also mix with our small Yorkshire dog.

The cat yard



They can reach the outdoor cattery through the catflap whenever they feel like crawling up the branches or taking a nap in the sun.


When the male has to be separated from his mates, the outdoor cattery and its adjacent rooms in the house are more specifically attributed to him.