Jungle – Anglais


de la Mosquée Bleue


Male, Red silver spotted tabby

Color test : AA EE Bb CC DD

Amber eyed


Born on june 2nd, 2014

Weight : 4kg




Mother : Mithrandir’s Amaterasu

Father :  Illico de la Mosquée Bleue


Thanks to Alexina Bahim,  Cattery  Mosquée Bleue, and  Anke von der Vliet, Cattery Mithrandir, for their trust.


Jungle’s kittens :

15 may 2017, with Moune de la Nuit des Temps

• 10 march 2017, with Ladakedi Creamy Roiibos (stud service)

3 february 2016, with Infinie de la Nuit des Temps

17 april 2015, with Javane de la Nuit des Temps



Jungle is neutered now. Thanks to Adeline for taking warm care of him.

 9,5 months
9 months  
 8 months 9 months
alt alt
 5 months  
3 months (picture from Alexina Bahim) 3 weeks (picture from Alexina Bahim)