Infinie – Anglais


de la Nuit des Temps


Female Brown mackerel tabby & white

Color test : Aa Dd

Green to amber eyed


Born on march 5th, 2013

Weight : 3,2kg




Mother : Esquisse de la Mer de Marmara

Father :  Gainsbourg de Sehzade


Infinie’s kittens :

3 february 2016, with Jungle de la Mosquée Bleue & Dschadi’s Monty

30 march 2014, with Catlar Cheluskin (stud service)



Infinie is neutered now.

Thanks to Solange for taking care of her.


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1 year  
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 8 months  
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6,5 months
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4 months 3,5 months
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2 months  
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Father and daughter 1,5 month
1 month